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Atemoya (custard apple) Annona reticulata


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Atemoya (custard apple) Annona reticulata, bullock's heart, bull's heart, cherimoya, fruit, Annona reticulata, The atemoya is a hybrid between the sugar apple and cherimoya. It produces a fruit very similar to the sugar apple, also called sweetsop or anon. It is a small to medium sized, open, deciduous tree with a rounded canopy rarely exceeding 20 feet in height and width. Because of their relatively small stature, atemoya trees are suited to small yards. A relative of the atemoya, sugar apple has similar characteristics. The fruit is heart-shaped, round, ovate or conical, from 2 to 4 inches in diameter. The pulp is white or creamy white, with a custard-like consistency and a sweet, pleasant flavor. When ripe, atemoyas become light green or yellow-green in color. The pulp of atemoya is consumed principally as a dessert fruit and has an excellent flavor. It may be eaten fresh but it may also be used to make a tasty ice cream or milkshake. Season: late Aug.-Oct., sometimes Dec. -Jan.

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